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We've all been there.   80 hours of work to do in a 40-hour week. 

Some new technology always coming online.  New gens, new channels, new challenges.

Competition with big budgets. Constantly feeling you're falling behind.

We can help! 

Sholes LLC is a boutique consultancy that provides expertise and services

to help turn your marketing stress into success in three critical areas:

  1. Creating a best-in-breed email program

  2. Aligning your marketing communications across channels

  3. Implementing systems and processes to efficiently manage workflows to achieve your goals

(And, we do know overhwelmderment is not a real word. It's fun to say but not fun to experience.)

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Think of it as your marketing check-up

Every engagement begins with an in-depth discovery process, the Deep Dive.  Intentionally designed as a short, targeted engagement, the Deep Dive allows us to get inside your organization, understand the challenges you face, and clearly identify how we can help.  We interview stakeholders, review your strategy and objectives, assess your systems and processes, evaluate your performance metrics, and provide a summary report with recommendations and a detailed assessment of your most important programs and systems.  Deep Dives are customized according to your needs, are provided on a flat fee basis, and include an on-premises working session with key staff and stakeholders. 

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Take your email program to the next level

With an abundance of available solutions, it's not that hard these days to launch an email marketing program. It's also easy to do email badly.

Done right, email can be an incredibly effective channel for attracting and developing customers.  But that requires moving beyond a "batch-and-blast" approach to create messages that are timely, targeted and relevant.

With nearly two decades' experience in email marketing, we have the strategic vision and practical experience to help you craft an approach that works for your organization, identify the right technology partner, and create a program that drives results.

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Communicating effectively across channels

In this multi-channel world, your customers expect to be able to use a variety of devices and  channels to interact with your organization.  That means you have to provide a consistent voice and experience across all marketing channels--web, email, print and social.  After conducting an audit of your communications across channel, we will help create a strategy to allow you to effectively communicate with your customers in the channels they prefer

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Run your marketing like a well-oiled machine

From missed deadlines to regular fire drills, marketing departments can be chaotic places to work.  Many marketing teams have lofty goals but weak or non-existent processes.  We can help create success from chaos by implementing workflows and streamlining processes to help you do more with the same resources.

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Raves from past clients and partners

Dwight provided high-quality and professional consulting deliverables that were based on his deep email marketing expertise. He was very knowledgeable, easy to work with and delivered measurable results on time and on budget. I would happily work with Dwight again in the future!

Margaret Farmakis
Vice President of Services
Sovrn Holdings Inc

Dwight is among the most creative and talented individuals I have been privileged to work with. Dwight is extremely detail-oriented, an excellent project manager, and delivers great results every time.

Susan Black
Chief Commercial Officer
CIE Tours International

Dwight is a very focused, organized, strategic thinker who was deeply involved in most of the marketing activities within the company. He was especially adept at on line marketing, email and developing new programs. He was very well respected by all levels within the organization and was a pleasure to have on my team. I would highly recommend Dwight, and would love to work closely with him in the future.

Steven Gorga
Chief Executive Officer
American Express Vacations/Travel Impressions

 worked closely with Dwight on a complex, multi-stakeholder product in a high-pressure team environment. Dwight was a true professional with standards of customer focus, excellence, and integrity among the highest of peers I've worked with, and he delivered the goods in terms of results. His commitment and follow-through on relationships, combined with his passion and ability to manage process, make him a pleasure to work with, I look forward to the opportunity to do so again.

Greg Cohn
CEO of Burner

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63 Federal Street, Portland ME 04101

(+1) 207-671-0578

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